What is Refacing?

Refacing is simply the remodeling of your old kitchen cabinets, while keeping all the same cabinets.  Refacing allows customers to not have any of the tear out mess of a kitchen project in their house.

By simply taking out all the doors and drawers, we empty the cabinets to its skeleton and then add real wood veneer and 1/2" siding to the cabinets.  After the cabinets have been wrapped in the new wood, we install new doors, drawers and moldings. 

A typical Refacing job can take about a week.  Now if you decide you want tile work, a counter top, new floors, paint jobs, etc than the job will take longer.

Refacing allows customers to save money on their project by reusing their old cabinets, allowing them to spend that money elsewhere on maybe a floor or granite counter tops. 



Why should I Replace my cabinets?

Replacing old kitchen cabinets is a great option for those home owners who love their kitchen, but their cabinets are just falling apart and new cabinets are needed.  Our top of the line custom built cabinets are made out of 3/4" material that is stronger and more durable than any other cabinet out there. 

Now if custom built cabinets are not what you want to go for, we can order pre-manufactured cabinets from reliable sources and install them in your kitchen. 

Replacing your kitchen cabinets doesn't have to be a long messy construction process.  Don't keep pushing it off because you think its going to be too expensive, or take too much time to complete.



Should I Redesign my kitchen entirely?

If you've been dreaming of your fantasy kitchen since the day you bought your house, but have never went all out and decided on remodeling, than now's your time!

With choosing to Redesign, we can take out walls, add windows, change floor plans, move appliances and transform your old kitchen to a beautiful new kitchen that will have all of your neighbors jealous. 

We can give you different design options, so that you wont feel pressured to come up with exactly what you want right away.  We take our time and really listen to everything our customers want and try to add each idea into our designs.